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Household and Residential Areas

A number of types of sources found within residential neighborhoods are capable of producing enough adult mosquitoes to bother not only the residents of the home, but a number of homes in the area. Water left standing for seven to ten days can produce mosquitoes during warmer weather. There are a number of simple precautions that can be taken to prevent this from happening.

Bird bath with stagnant water inside

Type of Source: What To Do

Leaking faucet, broken pipes: Repair or replace defective parts immediately.

Water under buildings: Install sump pump and provide drainage if possible.

Bird baths: Change water frequently.

Septic tanks: Seal and cover all openings and screen vents.

Impounded water: Fill if possible or provide adequate drains.

Flower pots: Drain-off excess water or invert if not in use.

Swimming pools: Use filter and skimmer daily to remove egg rafts and larvae. Chlorine will not kill mosquito larvae. Provide drainage for filter and pump sumps. When not in use cover tightly.

Wading pools: Change water weekly. When not in use turn upside down.

Swimming pool covers: Tighten cover to prevent sagging.

Ornamental ponds: Stock with mosquitofish and remove excess vegetation such as leaves, thin pond lilies occasionally. Maintain even water level. Screen inlet recirculation pump. When cleaning pond, transfer to glass bowl- chlorine kills fish. If pond is no longer desired, make holes in bottom and fill with dirt or sand.

May contain: gutter

Roof gutters: Maintain roof gutters and downspouts clear of debris.

Lawns: Avoid over watering.

Tree holes: Fill with sand or dirt, drain if possible - when in doubt call a tree surgeon.

Water troughs: Change water weekly or stock with mosquitofish.

Boats: Use a water tight cover or store upside down.

Containers: Dispose of all unused containers that can collect rain or irrigation water such as: tin cans, jars, barrels, buckets, old tires and tubs. Gardening containers such as vases and buckets should be stored upside down.