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Are You Breeding Mosquitoes In Your Yard?

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Take a few minutes to look around your home for mosquito breeding sources. Mosquitoes need standing water to reproduce. During their life cycle, mosquitoes transition through several life-stages, a process known as complete metamorphosis. The adult mosquito breeds in any source that holds stagnant water. The female mosquito will lay her eggs at backyard sources including ornamental ponds, non-functioning fountains, birdbaths and in the saucers below potted plants. From these eggs the mosquito larvae hatch, turning into pupae, and then finally emerging from the water as an adult mosquito.

Mosquito Guide

Remember to inspect the not-so-obvious sources of stagnant water, too. Some of these more cryptic breeding sources include the rain gutters overhead, discarded tires, plastic tarps and anywhere else that water can collect and stand for more than five days.

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